Long-Term Care

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Ensure a Long and Healthy Retirement

Look into our long-term care insurance plans

While Medicare and Medicaid can help seniors afford some medical costs, these plans rarely cover extended illnesses or disabilities. That's why long-term care insurance is so important. If you're unsure if you or a loved one will have enough funds to cover nursing home care, turn to National Brokerage Services Inc. We'll help you choose a personalized plan to give you greater peace of mind.

Our owner and operator has over 45 years of experience selling long-term care insurance. Call today to learn more about long-term insurance coverage.

What does long-term care insurance cover?

Signing up for long-term insurance coverage is an excellent way to supplement existing Medicare or Medicaid plans. While long-term care insurance typically doesn't cover medical care, it will pay for:

  • Nursing homes or assisted living
  • Adult day care or in-home care
  • Physical, occupational or speech therapy

With private nursing home rooms costing nearly $8,000 a month on average, long-term care insurance could save a senior and their family a significant amount of money over time. Reach out today to speak with an insurance agent about your options.