Dental & Vision

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Give Yourself a Complete Health Care Package

Ask us about our dental and vision insurance plans

Most health insurance plans cover the cost of wellness visits and emergency procedures performed by an in-network specialist. But if you need new glasses or a root canal, you'd be out of luck. That's why National Brokerage Services Inc offers several dental and vision insurance plans you can add to your existing coverage.

We'll help you compare coverages and rates to find the best dental and vision policy for you and your family. Call today to speak with an insurance agent.

Are dental and vision plans worth it?

If you're currently in good health, you might be tempted to skip dental and vision insurance. The truth is that medical emergencies can happen to anyone, and an insurance plan can be a safety blanket for unexpected issues. Your dental and vision policy can cover:

  • Cavities and dental surgeries
  • New frames, lenses or contacts
  • X-rays, exams and tests

Imagine you think you're in perfect health, but your dentist is concerned about something and wants to take an X-ray to rule out a serious issue. Without coverage, that simple test could potentially cost over $300. And the average cost of a filling? $400.

Protect your well-being and your wallet. Contact us today to learn more about our dental and vision plans.