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How We Work

During our initial meetings, we seek to identify the client's benefit needs and establish a time frame for project work and annual service.

The overall benefit program design is evaluated. This includes obtaining information on the existing plan from the current carrier that would include the claims experience with current and renewal rates.

Final presentation of cost and design is completed and recommendations are given for selection. NNBS offers full coordination and assistance to our clients with enrollment and contractual implementation. We work with our clients to define how ongoing service will occur, which best meets their needs. This is an important step for our continued successful relationship.

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NBS represents over 26 different insurance companies. If a Referenced Based Pricing (RBP) option is utilized we represent ELAP, HST, and 6 Degrees. If a Self-Funded approach is selected, we have marketing agreements with 4 of the most respected Third Party Administrators in the country.